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Who we are.
What we do.
And why we do it.

Who we are

What started with three students in a student room, has now become a fast growing company with 40 young professionals. Together we develop software solutions for companies to keep hold of their expenses.

ProActive stands for involvement, developing what our clients actually want. Criticism is free advice which we gratefully use for our urge for improvement. We proceed quality and need to be the best in what we do.

We need to lead and stay ahead. We provide a solution for companies to keep hold of their expenditures and simultaneously keep the future in mind. Organisations long for improvement on strategic, policy and budget level, we want to contribute to that. This is possible due to a proper balance between facts and intuition, gained through experience.

This work method results in a strong, stable growth of customers as well as employees. Meanwhile, we have more than 450 organisations and over 130.000 active users working in our software, with content.


We are ProActive


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