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Once upon a time – summer ’99 – there were three students up in a room: Ramon Janmaat and Dirk and Heiko Bonenkamp. In that room they worked on databases, websites and hardware.

The beginning of ProActive

When the three students added relationship management and hosting to their portfolio, their start-up grew faster than they had imagined. They hired employees to cope with the increase of their client base and moved to rented office space. Their company, formerly named Bean IT, kept growing.

In 2002 RIBW K/AM came by with a special request: they needed a system where employees who do not have accounting skills could do the cash management. Processing shoe boxes full of receipts, and broken Excel files from multiple locations, was a heavy burden they could not wait to get rid off.

Bean IT made an online administration system, nowadays known as Software as a Service, that made RIBW K/AM come back for more. They wanted a system for invoice approval and one for expense claims. They included free advice: other care organisations might be interested in such systems as well. This appeared to be golden advice. GGZ Noord-Holland, GGZ inGeest, Promens Care and Kwintes followed RIBW K/AM’s lead and became a client.

The years after Ramon, Heiko and Dirk stepped away from financial systems a couple times. They made a system for care product registration, processing employee changes and one for leave registration. But for the sake of their financial heart they decided to not proceed. Finance is what they comprehend and finance is what they are good at.

Considering the amount of clients from the care industry, they thought it would be a good idea to participate in the 2004 Care Industry trade show. But if they were to participate, it would be with one system. They brought all their custom made software back to one system, with every functionality in it. The provided all their clients with this new software and ProActive as you know it was born.

In 2007 they renamed the software and 2009 years after they started they officially named their company ProActive Software. After 10 years of being called mr. Bean when showing up at clients had its time.

Now, in 2016, Ramon, Dirk and Heiko are still at the helm of ProActive Software and decide what course we sail.