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About 50 young professionals
each with his own expertise
come together on a daily base
to help our customers in the best way possible.

We are ProActive

ProActive started with three students in 1999. In the meantime, this team has multiplied by 13 and the three founders form the executive board.

Next, we have the product managers who take a critical look at the software. What do our clients need? What functions will improve the software? Our development team then turns these abstract improvements into concrete new functions.

The ladies who form the marketing and communications department make sure you know we exist, who we are and that you know what we could do for you. The account managers find the clients who are in actual need.

The account managers pass the torch to the consultants, who arrange the software in such a way that it’s ready-to-use for our clients. They also teach employees how to use the complex part of ProActive Software.

The service representatives are a safety net for clients who still have questions after being trained and our office managers are the safety net for everyone at the ProActive office.

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  • Account management
  • Consultancy
  • Development
  • Directors
  • Marketing Communications
  • Office management
  • Optimization
  • Product management
  • Service
Sasanga Abeywickrama
Loes Alleman
Gayan Balasooriya
Niels Beeres
Marieke de Boer
Office Manager
Edwin van den Bogaert
Account Manager
Dirk Bonenkamp
Technical Director
Heiko Bonenkamp
Commercial Director
Wesley Budding
Product Manager
Catelijne Cooijmans
Office Manager
Geert-Jan van der Heide
Chanel Ho
Marketing Manager
Ralph Hoedeman
Scrum Master / Developer
George Holsheimer
Scrum Master / Developer
Ramon Janmaat
Product Management Director
Arno de Jong
Nick Koch
Teamleader Service
Marijn Kok
Ruben Kruiver
Mark van der Laan
Jim Lapré
Account Manager
Ming Li
Product Manager
Chanelva Lodik
Marketing Representative
Lars van der Meer
Teamleader Consultancy
Marc van der Meer
Service Representative
Noureddine el Ouahidi
Patrick van der Pal
Gerjan Roepers
Senior Account Manager
Gérard Schonewille
Account Manager
Bob Schouten
Senior Account Manager
Stefan Siewertsen
Pieter Bas Snijders
Rafi Subair
André Dalla Valle
Accountmanager DACH
Tom van Veen
Joost Vromans
Account Manager
Manon Yassa