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“After we started using ProActive, the administrative workload on
school level reduced and movements were processed faster!”
Peter Jansen – Policy officer Aloysius

Aloysius Stichting

Aloysius controls 33 schools in special-needs primary education, special-needs education and secondary education. These schools are spread out over 52 locations in 27 municipalities in the Netherlands. Each school has its own administration and is responsible for its own cash, bank account and invoice processing. The financial movements of all schools are collected in the corporate administration in Voorhout.

User and management friendly
Before, all incomes and expenses were entered in a notebook. Bank entries were kept in Excel sheets. A terribly error-prone process, thus incorrect cash entries and cash deficits often occurred. Because financial packages are often very complex for administrative employees, Aloysius went looking for a user-friendly application to perform their administrative processes.

Optimised cash and bank management
Aloysius has chosen the modules Cash Management, Bank Reconcilliation, Invoice Processing and Procurement. At present, they’ve been working with ProActive for 5 years. School administrations have their own responsibilities for the cash and bank entries, while they are monitored on one central level. To process cash entries even faster, Aloysius makes use of predefined settings. These settings enable the user to automatically pre-encode the entries, which saves a lot of time. Furthermore, the fully integrated cash and bank ensures an automatic transfer of withdrawals into the correct cash. Consequently, suspense accounts are always balanced.

Up-to-date and reliable management reports
Peter Jansen – Policy officer Aloysius recounts his experiences about ProActive: “Since we’ve started working with the modules, the workload on school level has reduced and movements are processed faster into the central administration. As a result, the management reports are increasingly up-to-date and more reliable. Controllers are directly notified about any obstacles, like the locations where financial documents are delayed. By linking the ProActive modules to Decos, the invoices and bank and cash situation are always accessible from any desired location. Thus, physical mail between the offices and central administration office has become superfluous.

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