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“Thanks to ProActive we are now able to perform a
successful internal audit on the agreements made.”
André Kok – Finance Manager Bink Kinderopvang

Bink Kinderopvang

Bink Kinderopvang is a organisation for various types of child care, that include nursery schools, toddler care, and after school care. Bink originates from a merger between Stichting Kinderopvang Hilversum (SKH) and Stichting Kindercentra Soest (SKS) and consists of 40 locations.

Fully integrated system
Bink has been using ProActive Invoice Processing since 2006 and Cash Management for several years also in combination with the Contract Management module. The advantage is that ProActive establishes a direct link between the purchase invoice and the contract. Budget holders who need to assess an invoice also have access to the subordinate contracts. This is beneficial to the detailed verification on made appointments concerning invoicing.

Electronic contract management
André Kok, finance manager: “Finding old contracts is less time consuming with ProActive Contract Management. On the basis of a number of selection criteria you have a direct insight in which contracts you have entered into. An additional advantage is the fact that everything is done on the Internet. Our employees have access to the contracts wherever they are and at all times!”

ProActive referentie Bink Kinderopvang

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