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“After implementing ProActive the administration of group money through cash and bank has been completely optimised.”
Ans Amkreutz, Business consultant

DeSeizoenen is a healthcare organisation providing services and making facilities available for clients with a mental disorder, multiple disabilities, and / or behavioural problems. DeSeizoenen services can be found mostly in the Eastern and Southern parts of the Netherlands.

Keep hold of the process
Before, employees kept the cash book both on paper and in Excel. The Excel file was only accessible from one’s own workplace. Moreover, keeping the cash book on paper was very error-prone, with many incorrect entries for instance. DeSeizoenen now keeps hold on the process thanks to ProActive.

More control, less errors
Ans Amkreutz, Business consultant, recounting her experience with ProActive: “I realise now that we’ve been working very inefficiently until the implementation of ProActive. The error sensitivity of the work is now minimised. We always have access to our figures. It is clear at a glance what does and doesn’t belong to the entry. Furthermore, the application offers decentralised access, even from home. We’ve got one bank to which all cards are linked. Incomes are automatically entered without having to verify them- you won’t be able to do this with an Excel file. Thanks to ProActive the processing of group money through cashes and bank accounts is now completely optimised!”

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