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Invoices were received at one of the 11 DroomParken locations
and had to be sent back and forth by mail for approval.


DroomParken has been developing and controlling excellent quality recreational parks at the most exceptional spots in the Netherlands for 16 years. They have 11 recreational parks at their disposal, all positioned in the Veluwe, Noord-Holland, at the coast in Zeeland and in Limburg.

Digitalizing and automatizing the invoice flow
The invoice processing showed to be a time consuming procedure due to the decentralized character of the organization. The financial controller needs to sign invoices before they are allowed to go through to payment. Because the financial controllers work from different locations, invoices travelled from there to here by mail. Of course often they were lost, which extended the transit time. On top of that invoices arrived at decentralized locations and the Shared Service Center. This style of work was not what the organization wanted.

It was clear for DroomParken: digitalizing and automatizing the invoice processing was necessary. After an elaborate selection procedure they decided to acquire the ProActive Invoice Processing. This was by far the best match for their wishes and demands.

Optimalized invoice processing
DroomParken has been working with ProActive Invoice Processing for four years. The transit time has drastically lessened. All invoices arrive at the Shared Service Center and are then send to the financial controllers for approval, digitally. The Shared Service Center employees can always look into the position of invoices and redirect, if necessary. There are no more lost invoices.

Pre-registering invoices
Casper Lohuis, Financial Director, about ProActive: “ProActive offers a great deal of flexibility. They have enabled a pre-registering function especially for us. With aid of this function the journal entries are offered for approval, in an early stage, to Multivers and Minox, our accounting systems. This provides insight into payment liabilities in both systems, which makes it possible for us to process the tax-registration early.
Due to this we can always make an accurate estimation of the expected costs and also have insight on the payment liabilities we have committed to.”

Optimalizing the proces through ProActive Purchase to Pay
To optimalize the proces, DroomParken expanded their ProActive with the complete purchase to pay solution. With this, DroomParken keeps a firm hold on their committed liabilities arising from contracts and purchases. Through the Contract Management module, contract owners will get a notification by the time the end date is near. This prevents unwanted contract prolongation.

Through the Procurement module simple orders can be placed at selected suppliers. The organization wants to create more awareness by having ‘people in the fields’ placing the orders. Yet, due to the automated workflow in ProActive, these orders will require authorization from a manager before they are actually placed at the supplier. This allowes an organization to keep a firm hold on their liabilities.

Next to that, all purchases are registered in ProActive. This way the financial administration always has insight in the actual and expected costs.

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Facts & Figures

  • 15.000 invoices annually
  • ProActive Purchase to Pay
  • Financial package Minox & Multivers
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Casper Lohuis
Financial Director

“Now we can always make an accurate estimation of the expected costs and also have insight on the payment liabilities we have committed to.”