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“The processing time of invoices is decreased by 67%!”
Yvonne Wijnker, Head Finance FNV


The FNV is a Dutch Trade Union Federation, is the largest union in the Netherlands. The organization is centrally located in Amsterdam and HAS branches in the country.

Digitising the invoice flow
In the past, the FND had to deal with long processing times, lost invoices and decentralised employees keeping their record of copies. These copies of the invoices and reminder invoices often resulted in double payments. The process was far from efficient creating a much-needed system to digitise the invoice process.

Structured invoice flow
After having analysed a number of packages, the FNV chose to work with ProActive. The transparent approach to projects, the link with the financial package DBS Financial as used by the company, and the fact that the solution is web-based were the determinative factors for this final decision. Invoices are scanned centrally and at the same time the data is automatically recognised and added to the digital archive. Through the built-in procuration scheme each invoice is assessed and approved by the correct budget holder. Because the software is web-based, the invoices are accessible everywhere for all involved. Upon receiving the final requested approval, the invoice is ready for payment in DBS Financial.

Invoice processing increased
Yvonne Wijnker, Head Finance, shares her experiences in working with ProActive: “Before implementing ProActive software in our company, it took an average of 6 weeks before the invoices were approved and ready for payment by everyone responsible. Consequently, we failed to meet our instalments and often received final reminders from our suppliers as a result. After we started working with ProActive the problem has been solved. The process time of an invoice has even been reduced with 67%!”

ProActive referentie FNV

Facts & Figures

  • 15,000 incoming invoices annually
  • ProActive Invoice Processing, Contract Management, Liabilities
  • Reduced processing time invoices by 67%
  • Financial package DBS