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Manually processing 45,000 invoices of 29 differtent.
A time consuming, unbearable situation.

Hampshire Hospitality

Hampshire Hospitality is one of the five largest hotelgroups in the Benelux. The portfolio of Hampshire Hospitality includes 120 hotels in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Digitalize purchase to pay
There is an intense document flow at Hampshire, meaning an efficient procedure was necessary. This was not the case, resulting in many errors, many corrections and a long transit time. By fully digitalizing the purchase to pay procedure, the organization saves a great deal of time – and money! After thoroughly going through the package deal, the ProActive solution proved to fit the organization’s demands and desires.

Easily traceable invoices
The first step towards a fully digitalized purchase to pay procedure is digitizing the invoices. Five hotels started with a 6-week trial of ProActive Invoice Processing. The employees immediately appreciated this new mode of operation, because the first advantages quickly became apparent. Invoices do not get lost anymore, there are less errors during the write off, and due to the automated workflow the invoices make a quick round through the organization. What saved the biggest deal of time is less backtracking and processing invoices.
To make the process even more efficient, Hampshire has made a deal with 15 suppliers who are responsible for 90 percent of the invoices. They send their invoices digitally, which results in an even shorter turnaround time of invoices.

Matching invoices to purchase orders
After implementing the Invoice Processing module through the entire organization, Hampshire took the next step: to streamline the procurement procedure with ProActive Procurement. The good thing about ProActive is that both procedures, Invoice Processing and Procurement, are in sync. The system automatically detects invoices and links them to an approved purchase order and its delivery. Then, these are automatically written off to Payment.
At first employees had to look into archives to verify purchase orders and invoices. Now, using ProActive, this is an automated proces. This saves a great deal of time.

Collaborating like partners
“Thanks to ProActive the procedure is more secure, everything is documented digitally,” said Joost Peeperkorn, financial director. “We are also very satisfied with ProActive’s service. Current cases are dealt with fast and accurate. ProActive lives up to their name!”

ProActive referentie Hampshire Hospitality

Facts & Figures

  • 40,000 invoices annually
  • ProActive Purchase to Pay
  • Receives 90% of invoices digitally
  • Financial package AccountView
ProActive referentie Hampshire Hospitality

Joost Peeperkorn
Financial director
Hampshire Hospitality

“We process 90% of our invoices digitally now. That’s a lot of time to gain.”