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“Bookkeeping for decentralised money for employees
in the field has been drastically simplified.”
Antoine Laumen, Head Finance Koraal Groep

Koraal Groep

Koraal Group is a company consisting of eleven foundations in Limburg and Noord-Brabant, offering support to people with disabilities or psychosocial, physical and/or mental challenges.

Justification of cashes
Processing decentralised cashes was a difficult challenge for the administration of Koraal Groep. Employees spent much time processing the justification of cashes in the system correctly as they had to go through many double actions and verifications. Consequently, many things went wrong during this process, such as frequent negative cash differences.

Flexible organisation of decentralised money
In search of more control over the process, the company went looking for a web portal to structure the cash, bank, and client money in a flexible way. An important requirement in this was the registration and justification of these cashes by the employees in the field. Eventually ProActive was chosen, because the solutions offered by ProActive fit Koraal group’s wishes and demands the best.

A high-quality solution
Antoine Laumen, Head Financial Administration: “The main goal of the project was to implement a more efficient way of working in order to save time both within the residential groups as well as the financial administration. By reducing the number of actions and number of mistakes this goal should be achieved. Thanks to ProActive, keeping decentralised cash for employees in the field has been strongly simplified. Also on management level we profit from the benefits; the cash-bank book offers many more advantages to provide up-to-date financial and reliable information. Therefore, the main goals have been amply achieved. The challenges we faced have resulted in high-quality solutions. We are looking forward to future collaboration with ProActive!”

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