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Spreading invoices throughout 20 locations by internal mail.
A time consuming process resulting in a long lead-time.

Nova College

Nova College is responsible for over 12,000 students who follow secondary vocational education in the region of IJmond, Haarlem, Haarlemmermeer and Amstelveen.

User-friendly and practice based
Automating the secondary processes is an increasingly discussed topic within educational organisations because there is still a lot of profit to be gained in that field, which was also the case for ROC Nova College. This is why the company went looking for a solution to process their purchase invoices digitally. ProActive stood above and beyond their competition. The user-friendliness was a main focus, as well as a transparent procedure and a thorough way of entering data. These points combined with a clear project outline and a fixed rate were the decisive factors for choosing ProActive.

Annually 15,000 purchase invoices
Since 2009 ROC Nova College processes about 15,000 purchase invoices annually. These are centrally processed and involve 20 locations. The manual processing of these invoices took up much time. Incoming invoices were sent by internal mail to the designated people for approval. Because these people were located on different locations, the lead-time of the invoices was very long. Additional complications were that invoices were often delayed at someone’s desk for too long or even got lost. As a consequence, the suppliers weren’t paid in time.

Management and access on a central level
Thanks to ProActive, ROC Nova College keeps hold of the process now. Invoices are automatically sent to the authorised signatories for approval and directly sent to AccountView for payment. The complete procuration process, that previously went through internal mail, is now completely digitised. This resulted in a quicker and more efficient invoice processing. The processing time of the invoices is now considerably faster. Moreover, the invoices are much easier to trace and verify in the new situation. Saskia Bruna, team leader Financial Administration, concludes: “We can clearly see who has received and approved the invoice, and also where it is. We haven’t lost any invoices sent to the finance and administration department since we started processing them with ProActive software! Thanks to ProActive we always have real-time access to outstanding and decentralised administrative actions!”

ProActive referentie Nova College

Facts & Figures

  • 15,000 Invoices annually
  • ProActive Invoice Processing, Cash Management
  • Financial package AccountView
ProActive referentie Nova College

Saskia Bruna
team leader Financial Administration
Nova College

“We always have real-time access to open decentralised administrative actions!”