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“I can find an invoice in just a few seconds!”
Joost Kok, head of Finance and Automation Utrecht City Theatre

Utrecht City Theatre

Many organisations are fed up with the long processing times for invoices and have begun switching to digital invoice processing. Outside of shorter processing times, there are other important reasons for this, like knowing the status of an invoice. This is sometimes more important than rapid processing and was the case for the Utrecht City Theatre.

The Utrecht City Theatre is the largest stage in the city. Before they had invoice processing software, the invoices were received by mail. After which they were sent, via the internal mail system, to various departments in order to collect the necessary signatures. “If we were lucky, they arrived at administration within two weeks. Sometimes it took a little longer, sometimes a little shorter,” says Joost Kok, the head of Finance and Automation.

The goal is to create more efficiency
“We wanted to be more efficient and to stop losing the invoices; to have a complete file. With a complete file, you can request that the supplier or the management respond more quickly. After we made the choice to make our process digital once and for all, we looked online at a number of providers. We also asked other cultural organisations about their experiences.”

Joost and his colleagues in financial administration had formulated a number of objectives in advance to test out the candidates. They wanted to eliminate the paper workflow, and not just internally, but with their suppliers as well. They also wanted to have access to information about the invoice status. They wanted to use the advantages of digitization to their greatest potential.

“We came upon ProActive because of the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, who found working with the system to be very satisfactory. In addition to ProActive, there were two other candidates, one of which was a financial package called AccountView specifically for us.

Everything we wanted and more
ProActive ended up being our top choice, because ProActive meets all of our needs and offers even more. In ProActive, we have the option to direct the workflow ourselves. It is a clear-cut platform with exceptional ease-of-use. On top of all that, ProActive can be supplemented with multiple modules, such as Contract Management and Liabilities. At the intake, we received a demonstration of all these modules, but first we wanted to get our bearings with Invoice Processing. Since then, we have begun working with other modules.”

Everyone at the Utrecht City Theatre who is involved in invoicing, works in ProActive. “Everyone who has to authorize invoices received training. Within an hour, we were all accustomed to working with the software. Even our colleagues who have little to no experience with computers are happy with it.

An entirely digitised workflow
Working in ProActive has obvious advantages: we have a fully digital workflow and invoice processing is faster. 85% of invoices now have an average processing time of 10 days at most. Invoices that take longer than that usually have some kind of issue. The invoices are very easy to refer back to, in both the workflow and the file. I can find an invoice in just a few seconds.

When I look back at our expectations and the state of affairs, I have to say that ProActive has more than met our requirements. In addition to an excellent search function, ProActive features clear reports and comprehensive statistics.”

Facts & Figures

  • ProActive Invoice Processing

  • 4,000 incoming invoices annually
  • Financial package AccountView