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“It was a common occurrence for us to pay both the late fee and the invoice; a double payment.”
Barend de Ruijter, head of Financial Administration

As the head of Financial Administration, Barend de Ruijter was charged with the task of ensuring financial stability at 15 different primary schools that processes 7,500 invoices per year. This is just one of his tasks at the Westelijke Tuinsteden Public Primary Education Foundation (Stichting Westelijke Tuinsteden – STWT)

“Our variety of locations required a complex invoice processing procedure. The results were excessive processing times and reminder notices that the school directors could not make heads or tails of. It was also a common occurrence for us to pay both the late fee and the invoice; a double payment,” says Barend. To prevent this in the future, the foundation began looking for a good solution, a solution that would guarantee a more efficient invoice processing system.

An old friend
Barend knew of ProActive from his previous employer, which he left in 2014. He had always enjoyed working with ProActive and thought that ProActive might be the solution that the foundation needed, a user-friendly, web-based programme.

Since implementing the ProActive Invoice Processing module in July 2014, the invoice processing times at the educational institution have been cut in half. The processing system runs faster and potential reminders and late fees are prevented…
Another positive result of using ProActive is that the budget holders monitor the invoices more carefully and the processing is more accurate. Approved invoices are exported from ProActive to Exact with the click of a button via the web service, after which they are ready to be paid. The web service also ensures that master data, like accounts payable, employees, and cost centres are exchanged between programs. This keeps all information current.

Thanks to the archive, employees can find invoices quickly and easily at every location, whether centrally or decentrally. “We now have comprehensive knowledge of all our invoices. When we had just begun with ProActive, we were receiving invoices for products that we no longer used. That does not happen anymore!”

More cautios directors
“What I found surprising is that you see the school directors acting more cautiously because of ProActive. Since they only see invoices for which they are authorized signatories, they pay more attention to whether the invoices are correct,” says Barend. “I did not expect that. Not even a year after we went to work with Invoice Processing, we chose to supplement our ProActive with the Cash and Bank Management and Bank Import modules, so that our cash and bank transactions were processed more efficiently.”

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