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“Since we started to work with ProActive,
the invoice processing is twice as fast.”
Berry Philippi, Manager Finance & Control Syncasso


Syncasso is a bailiff order organization. With a main office in Amsterdam, eleven other locations and 300 employees, Syncasso is a leader in their market segment.

Complex document procedures
Due to the organization’s size, Syncasso has a complex document and invoice flow. More than 11.000 invoices revealed the invoice processing being complicated and time consuming.

At first the original invoice was send to the financial controllers by mail, registered in Otho Software and thereafter stored in files in the archive. This resulted in lost invoices and/or employees keeping a hold of them.

This was the main reason that the organization decided to look for a software supplier that offers invoice processing solutions. After considering the price and quality of different suppliers, Syncasso were convinced of ProActive being the most beneficial supplier.

Automated coding through text recognition
Syncasso is a satisfied ProActive user for four years now. The most satisfactory improvement is the invoice processing. The original invoices are gathered at the main office, scanned and then coded by the financial administration.
Due to advanced text recognition, invoices are pre-coded. For example, ProActive automatically enters the suppliers, ledger accounts, cost-headings and payment conditions. Besides that, invoices are automatically linked to file numbers.
Depending on the total, invoices are automatically linked to the authorized offices and people. After approval, invoices are paid through Otho Software.

Invoice transit time twice as fast
Berry Philippi, Manager Finance & Control, said the following: “The goal was to automatize manual labour and by doing so, reduce the invoice transit time. These goals have been largely accomplished. Now that we keep track of who’s approving what and how long it takes, the transit time has drastically shortened.

In collaboration with Otho Software, ProActive produced an attachment that makes it possible for our financial administrators to track the status of any payment. With this digitalized invoice processing, we are not losing invoices anymore.
Since we have started to work with ProActive, the invoice processing is twice as fast. This time reduction means the financial administrators have time for more important things.”

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Facts & Figures

  • ProActive Invoice Processing
  • 11.000 invoices annually
  • Invoice transit time decreased by 50%
  • Financial package Otho Software