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“We always have a clear overview of who has received and approved which invoices. This gives us more control.”
Annelies van Lier, Head Finance

UNICEF carries out aid programmes in the field of health care, education and protecting children. UNICEF is active in 190 countries.

Complete solution for Invoice Processing
Before the invoice processing procedure with UNICEF was digitised, incoming invoices were physically sent through the company. Because the invoice needed approval from several people, it was sent from room to room as a result. Despite the fact that the budget holders are all located in one building, this resulted in many problems such as invoices being left in office for too long or invoices that were not traceable. In 2001 UNICEF decided to change from processing the incoming invoices manually to an electronic process with ProActive software.

More transparency, more control
Unicef has been using ProActive software for 5 years. The invoices are still sent to multiple budget holders for approval. No longer physically, but electronically by means of an automated workflow. Because the complete process is digitised, invoices no longer go missing, and reminders are no longer necessary. Furthermore, the situation of invoices is accessible at all times. Annelies van Lier, Head Finance: “To us, this is one of the biggest advantages of using ProActive software. We can always access and see who received and approved which invoices. This gives us more control.”

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