We would like to introduce: Sivanthi Niroshika

Our development team in Sri Lanka has been enriched with an IT specialist who is passionate about her work and has 8 years of experience in IT. Sivanthi Niroshika is her name. Her love for IT started at a young age, sparked by her cousins who spoke about their job with passion. After graduating at the University College Dublin in BSc in Management Information Systems, Sivanthi quickly found her first job.

“I started my career at Motorola as mobile platform tester. After 5 years I switched jobs and continued my career at a Dutch company.

I belonged to the first batch and was involved in initiating th ecompany in Sri Lanka with 11 other Sri Lankan colleageus. Even though I learned a lot, I felt it was time for a new challenge. After having worked with all functionalities I decided to broaden my horizon and look for a job where I can develop myself.”

Sivanthi found this new job at ProActive. “I immediately saw that ProActive works with the newest technology and tools that are very popular at the moment. But the most important thing is that I saw a company where I can grow as a person. I’d like to become an automation engineer some day and I’m positive I can accomplish this at ProActive.”

Just like her other Sri Lankan colleagues Sivanthi met the product management team and a developer in Sri Lanka first. “Everybody has been very kind from the start. One of the first persons I got to know was Loes. I recognize myself in her. We’re both always looking to be challenged. Then there’s Ming and Ramon who are very supportive. I’ve asked Ramon a thousand questions when I was arrange my trip to the Netherlands. He answered each one of them with the same patience.”

Currently Sivanthi is in the Netherlands to meet all the other colleagues. “The first colleagues I met were a good representation of who works at ProActive. Everybody’s kind and supportive as I am new at the company and in the country. And I love how they aren’t stingy with their knowledge. They love to share what they know.”

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