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ProActive is continuously growing and the technical demands are substantially increasing. To keep up we need to expand our development team. Preferably we employ our developers in the Netherlands but as it seems, recruiting top technical talent—especially software developers—can be difficult. Therefore, we have decided to expand our horizon in our search for these developers. After a lot of research we ended in Sri Lanka where they have many qualified developers with a work ethic equivalent to ours.

In collaboration with Gapstars IT, who also believe that sustainable growth can only be done by expanding your team and not your capacity, we took great care in choosing and taking in our new Sri Lanka team members. After face to face interviews we selected the three most qualified candidates who we intensively trained in the Netherlands. During their three weeks at ProActive we also took care that they became fully integrated within the team. Since their return we keep in touch through Skype with daily stand-up meetings.

After a successful first sprint in which they achieved what they aspired to achieve we proudly introduce to you Sasanga, Gayan and Rafi as our new team members.

From classmates to colleagues
Sasanga and Gayan studied together at Colombo University in Sri Lanka. After graduation Sasanga moved to Singapore, a very modern city with many job opportunities. The first few months Sasanga spent in Singapore he worked in a IT department of a library until he was offered a beautiful opportunity at Vocanic, Asia’s largest full service social media marketing agency.

Becoming better friends
In the meanwhile Sasanga stayed in touch with Gayan, who worked at a Canadian organization and also started his own IT specialized company with some friends. When this didn’t work out Gayan decided to give up the ‘independent contractor life’. Sasanga told him about a job opening at Vocanic and they became even better friends, while closely working together.

From Singapore back to Sri Lanka
Rafi went straight to Singapore after his graduation from Information Technology. Within a month he found a job and during his three years in Singapore he fell madly in love with a woman who is now his wife. This new situation made him long for his hometown. When his wife revealed her pregnancy he decided to move back to Sri Lanka and applied for several job openings. The vacancy at Gapstars IT was one of them.

Gapstars IT
Gapstars IT’s core business is building high quality IT teams in Sri Lanka. When our contact person at told us he had found suitable candidates for the positions, we took a flight to complete the selection process.

Gayan, Rafi and especially Sasanga were pleasantly surprised by this. “I did not expect three actual human beings sitting in front of me. I thought it would be me and a laptop with three men sitting at the other end of a Skype-meeting.”

The interview went smooth and there was a pleasant and positive vibe. All three of both parties were very enthusiastic and so the deal was made. In their words: “Who would say no to an invitation to the Netherlands?”

All three enjoyed their time in The Netherlands and used their time well. They familiarised themselves with the Dutch customs and culture within ProActive. Rafi really enjoyed with the programme in which they went out for dinners, checked out the windmills, discovered the Amsterdam canal by boat and even spent a long weekend in Germany during the yearly ProActive company outing. “The only thing I missed was the Sri Lankan food.”

Gayan was pleasantly surprised by the ProActive work culture: “I think it’s admirable how the various departments are entwined. Everybody was very kind from the moment we walked through the door. I feel like an actual part of the team now.” Sasanga agrees: “There was a warm welcome which made me feel at ease immediately. I even updated my Facebook profile, saying ProActive is my employer. Luckily the Gapstars IT guys weren’t offended and thought it was quite funny.”

Like with every new employee we asked them how they look onto their ProActive future. This is also something they agree on: “We would like to contribute to the extension of the Sri Lankan team and of course contribute to the growth of ProActive Software.”

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